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State of Being: Equanimity
To hold Equanimity is mastering the individual quality of composure, even minded and poise – especially in times of stress or elation – is vital.

Those who thrive in unstable and chaotic environments, brining order and focus to our clients. They are leaders who inspire, create pull and make brilliant decisions for Endgame clients!

Summary: Equanimity precludes Resistance and Contempt

That which gets measured improves. Tireless measurement and monitoring of our results ensures exceptional safety and quality workmanship standards. Such attention to detail is the drive behind Endgame’s “no broken windows” policy.
Summary: Vigilance precludes Negligence.

People are most productive when they love what they do. Loving what they do they are grateful for challenges, opportunities and continual improvement. Gratitude leads to taking correction easily and eliminates resistance and negativity.
Summary: Gratitude precludes Entitlement and Resentment.

‘We all suffer from one of two pains, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.’ Discipline is doing what is required regardless if it is inconvenient or even confronting. It is what sets great companies apart from those lured in by short-cuts.
Summary: Discipline precludes Regret.

Simplicity, speed and repeatability are crucial factors for sustained client success and overall market success. Superior productivity requires policies, practices and procedures focused on decreasing the number of steps and redundancies to create customer value.
Summary: Efficiency precludes Waste and Bureaucracy.

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